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Endurance Journey offers an effective approach to coaching and training. You make the commitment to us and we will develop the right plan together with you and help you every step of the way achieve results. Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of endurance athletes just like you set massive personal bests, qualify for world championships, and become the best version of themselves.

With Endurance Journey Coaching we get results but please only contact us if you’re ready to do the work and have the ability to listen, believe and consitently take action. 

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After running more than 20 marathons, it had been years since I had run a personal best. I called upon Jen’s coaching services in order to break through that plateau. I knew that her professional training and personal experiences as a distance runner could help me achieve my goals.

Jen worked with me to develop a personalized training program for the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge in 2015, which included 2 marathons in 6 days. She tailored my workouts to balance the demands of a busy job and family commitments. Her support and encouragement provided additional motivation, and she was readily available whenever I had questions or concerns. I didn’t run more mileage than in previous training, but there were many more quality miles and a focus on balancing hard/easy days and recovery to become stronger.

Jen was also able to modify my training to help a chronic hamstring injury heal. Even though my goal races were hilly, she knew my body couldn’t tolerate the demands of both hills and speedwork. She gave me rehab exercises to perform and kept the focus on speed without hills.

With Jen’s guidance, I ran my 2nd fastest marathon ever at Boston 2015, my first race in the Master’s age division, only seconds shy of a personal best in spite of cold, pouring rain & headwinds. I was able to run another strong marathon on a tougher course less than a week later.

Having a coach structure each workout has taken the stress out of struggling to develop my own training plans, and I look forward to each training block, whether it’s peaking for a new goal, or recovery & base building in the off-season. Jen’s exuberance for the sport is contagious and she truly cares about her athletes. The workouts are challenging, and they keep my mind and body fresh. I have complete confidence in Jen’s coaching skills and look forward to continuing our coach-athlete relationship.
— Cari Bode

Our coaching philosophy is simple, help you get the best out of you.

We see too many injured, sick and under-performing athletes all from doing excessive amounts of training. Training that is haphazard or continually being changed around for no real reason. Training that has no real purpose or progression or regard to your needs as an athlete. 

Stop spinning your wheels.

It's time to change the way you prepare.

No more doing the same things and getting the same results. We provide the coaching to help you achieve your best performances.  

Working on a monthly basis, you’ll have your training program specifically tailored to you. This means we look at your life circumstances, your training age, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and then work a plan that takes you step by step to your intended goals.

Triathlon Coaching Application | Run Coaching Application

Patrick is an amazing coach with years of knowledge and experience. Each athlete is different and brings a number of different things to the table. Patrick’s approach looks at each athlete as an individual and is very respectful to the body and the limits that we have as an individual. In the event that there is an injury or situation, training is altered to accommodate that.

I started with Patrick as part of a fall/winter cycling class in October 2014. I was impressed with the quality of the training sessions. From there, an opportunity presented itself to do a full week of training uninterrupted, which I took. This week transformed my view of participating in the sport of triathlon from a casual athlete to becoming a triathlete with time spent on swimming, biking, and running. It was in this week that I learned that there is more to the sport than just these three disciplines. I had no idea that there was a mental component and a nutritional component, little lone how important they are. With some of the new tools learned, the summer was spent training with some of Regina’s best triathletes. The athletes I trained with were very accepting of someone who is relatively new to the sport.

My 2015 season was my best season, with accomplishing PB’s in each of the sprint races that I did, along with completing my first Olympic and Half Ironman distances. Patrick showed me that I could do the distances, even when I doubted myself. After I finished my race season and spent some time assisting the group of athletes with ride support, seeds were planted about what happens next. After seeing my success in 2015, I am very excited about the journey to the ultimate goal, which I never thought was possible and only a dream…to become an Ironman!
— Shari Mostaf

Our programs are developed based on 3 principles


We work with you to develop a preparation plan that is flexible to your life demands, provides event specific challenge and recovery so you adapt, and progresses your fitness and efficiency while improving your health.

The plans are tailored to your work, family and social life. Each month, your training plan gets updated based on your months progress and where you’re in relation to your goals or goal race. We may manipulate your daily nutrition or any other factor that is going to help you and with weekly email support and member access area, we’ll be able to accelerate your progress.

It's your endurance journey so decide to become the best version of yourself.

Triathlon Coaching Application | Run Coaching Application