RUN Camp Program 

Run Speed And Form Coaching

Combination of run form and speed intervals with strength training mixed in. 

Coach: Jen Ruland

The details:

ALL Classes are 75 minutes long!  (1:00 pm-2:15 pm unless otherwise stated)

Fieldhouse (FH) or Candy Cane PARK (CC)

Start dates: 

Sundays (Sept. 23/2018-Sunday December 23/2018) 

Sunday Sept. 23 @ 1:00 pm (CC)

Sunday Sept. 30@1:00 pm (CC)

Sunday October 7-NO CLASS

Sunday October 14@1:00 pm (CC)

Sunday October 21@ 1:00 pm (CC)

Sunday October 28 @ 1:00pm (CC)

Sunday November 4 @ 1:00 pm (Fieldhouse)

Sunday November 11@ NO CLASS

Sunday November 18 @1:00 pm (Fieldhouse)

Sunday November 25@1:00 pm(Fieldhouse)

Sunday December 2@1:00 pm(Fieldhouse)

Sunday December 9@1:00 pm (Fieldhouse)

Sunday December 16@1:00 pm (FH)

Sunday December 23@1:00 pm (FH)

*Note the time/Day changes or no class days

Session Format:

Warm-up: includes dynamic/mobility exercises (approx. 20 minutes)

Main Set:  approx. 40 minutes of run sets intermixed with Strength Sets.

Mobility/Cool-down Stretching: approx. 15 minutes 

Please remember to bring water and a watch or some timing mechanism.  Please have a mat/towel for strength and mobility.


We need a minimum of 10 people/class to run a class. With 20 spots per class maximum.

Fully Paid $186/12 sessions (75 minutes in length) OR 3 payment option available (billed to your credit card over 3 months) all prices include the 5% GST.

Other Details:

**In event of extreme weather such as lightening or hail, extreme humiditiy, snow storm, very cold and/or hot weather class will be cancelled and a workout will be sent out for athletes to complete on their own, we cannot control the environmnet unfortunately.  In case of coach illness and/or conflict, a make up session will be offered and/or a workout will be sent out.  Coach will notify you by email. Make up day and time is at coach’s discretion.  There will be no credits or refunds if classes have to be changed or shortened in extreme weather for any reason.

***Must have at least 10 people confirmed to run the session 

No refunds/transfers/make-ups will be given once you pay your fee’s, regardless of any circumstances. Payment is due the first day of class.  Accept Credit Card (Online), Paypal, Etransfer, Cash or Cheque.  Cheques made Payable to Jennifer Ruland.

****If you have not filled out forms for 2018 Please read!  You will be required to fill out a consent form and parqplus and bring it with you to the first class.  No forms=no participation!  If you answer YES to any question on the PAR-QPlus you must take the PAR-MEDX form to your doctor and have them fill it out and sign it.  If you are Pregnant, you must take the PAR-PREGNANCY form to your doctor and have them fill it out and sign it.  Please let me know in advance if you will have to do this.

Registration is open!