Yes! I want the Endurance Coaching Program. Please sign me up and have a coach personally contact me within 1 day!

$197.00/Month + Start up fee of $50.00 for program set up.

Payment Option

Endurance Coaching Program - Program Set Up Fee $50.00

Take yourself to the next level and be ready to have a great race day with this complete customized ironman triathlon training program. Includes the following:

  • Complete annual training and racing plan based on your unique schedule, personal profile, skill level, limitations, and racing history.
  • Detailed daily workout instructions. Daily e-mails deliver your workouts to you every night, or you can look ahead and see what the next week's workout will bring. You can even export your workouts to your Outlook calendar to keep everything in one place in your busy schedule, and full training logs are provided.
  • Nutrition tracking. Nutrition is a key part of any training plan and your plan will allow you to record meals for your coach to analyze your nutrition, plan your menu, and ensure peak performance fueling.
  • Progress reports. Planning, graphing and analysis capabilities allow Patrick to track your progress and monitor improvements and changes.
  • Data upload capability from smart phone, cyclocomputers, heart rate monitor, GPS or wattage software.
  • Access to any weekly Patrick Ash Coaching training sessions with a discount on the monthy coaching fee.
  • 1-30 minute one on one consultation per month with Patrick to discuss any specific training questions and/or for technique analysis