Yes! I want the Endurance Coaching Program. Please sign me up and have a coach personally contact me within 1 day!

Payment Option- Billed Monthly

Endurance Coaching Program: $250.00 CAD - monthly

This program is offered to athletes, regardless of their location. Coach contact is via email, through coach monitored Patrick Ash Coaching workout log and regular phone/Skype/Facetime consultations.

Programs are designed to take endurance athletes through all stages of a yearly training cycle. If you are new to endurance sport or an experienced competitor, all packages offer a personalized program, structured around your local training resources, work & personal commitments, your own strengths and weaknesses, your short and long term goals and upcoming events. Your coach will provide advice on all aspects of training and competition and help you develop sound training techniques, as you progress throughout the training year.

  • To maintain a suitable level of coach contact, space is limited for these programs.
  • Packages include advice on weekly training structure, training periodization, goal setting & event selection, training intensity, performance nutrition, mental preparation, race strategies, strength training, rest & recovery.
  • There is no start-up fee, however a 3 month minimum commitment is required.
  • Major Credit Cards accepted
  • All prices given are in Canadian Dollars

Online Performance Program - $250/month

This is ideal for indiviuals with specific performance goals and the program includes frequent 1-on-1 (consultation) time with your coach, which is invaluable in achieving your goals. Suitable for the athlete of any level, who prefers (or requires) a higher level of coach contact.

Training Package includes the following:

  • Complete annual training and racing plan based on your unique schedule, personal profile, skill level, limitations, and racing history.
  • Use of (coach monitored) Patrick Ash Coaching Training Log via Training Peaks
  • Personalized training programs in 2 or 3 week blocks. (4 or 5 week blocks upon request)
  • Weekly training feedback and unlimited email support.
  • Fully dynamic training program - adjusted weekly if required.
  • Performance Fueling - recommendations on how to fuel for your training and racing to ensure appropriate recovery and optimal performance. 
  • Video analysis of swim and run technique and bike positioning.
  • Bi-Weekly phone consultations with your coach (30 minute call at pre-arranged time).
  • Review of current Training progression.
  • Training discussion & specific race planning.
  • Performance predictions & race strategy.
  • Race performance analysis.