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Unshakable Self-Belief and OK Falls Camp Sold Out?


Unshakable Self-Belief and OK Falls Camp Sold Out?

It feels like spring here and I wanted to get this message out to you before I go for my daily walk and pick up Isabella from school. 

Firstly, our Okanagan Training Camp is now full (in less than 48 hours)! If your are interested in participating, I may open up a few more spots so let me know at

Now to the reason for this message. 

I have been talking to many of my athletes and nutrition clients about the choice to be daring. In other words, choosing to do something outside of their comfort zone where meaningful change happens. 

Some would call this risk. 

An example of this is a few athletes who have recently signed up for the training camp in May have expressed nervousness about exposing themselves this challenging training environment. Essentially, they are asking this one question:

Will I be good enough to meet this challenge? 

You can live your life in two ways. In the pursuit of growth/gain or to avoid loss. We have been conditioned as humans to avoid taking chances, avoid loss, and over react to perceived threats. 

The challenge with this avoidance mindset is we never expose ourselves to situations where we have to adapt and grow. 

When you choose to put yourself in situations that are outside your comfort zone, you ensure a certain guaranteed result. 

You will learn and develop the skills to thrive in the face of a challenge. This is how you develop unshakable self-belief. 

Lean into each moment embracing the challenge and expecting magic. 

When you look at it this way you have nothing to lose. 

You will absolutely meet the challenge. 


Your Coach, 


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