I know this post is timely since you are probably just eating or have finished your supper. 

I had a very energetic discussion with another coach today and we were discussing the important components of healthy eating to support performance. 

I have always believed nutrition for health and nutrition for performance are very similar. Nutrition for performance just has to be quickly accessed and digested easily. 

Unfortunately, for most, the topic of nutrition is a can of worms. This is a figure of speech of course relating to the idea that the word nutrition can be defined a hundred different ways by a 100 people. 

What are the right things to eat?

How much should you eat?

When is the best time to eat?

And the list of questions goes on and on. 

Now let me propose a different way of looking at understanding your own nutritional needs. 

It begins with asking yourself one question:

Are you aware of how you eat?

In other words:

How fast do you eat? Are you distracted when eating?

Think about it, or do you even think about anything when you are eating?

Maybe you are busy having a conversation, reading your phone, a book, ipad, watch TV, etc

In my opinion there is one thing the leads to over eating or eating too much of something that does not support your health. 

Lack of awareness when eating. 

So I challenge you to take more time when you eat and remove the distraction when eating. You will soon notice:

1. You will be much more aware of whether or not you are eating what you need vs what you want. 

2. After you are finished eating slowly you will pay attention to how what you ate made you feel. 

Paleo, South Beach, 5:2, the list of suggestions on how you should eat goes on and on. However, these approaches fail to teach you to listen to your body. 

When you become more aware of what you are eating and how it makes you feel you will be able to develop a nutrition strategy that works for your health and performance. 

Tomorrow I will talk about how to simplify your nutrition for performance. 

Get after it!

Your Coach,


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