Be Ready, Dailed In, Execute

In any situation where you are asking your mind and body to perform, you MUST prepare it to do so.

The shorter the race, the more time you need to warm up.

Watch the video below and let me explain why, show you how to manage your warm up, and be mentally prepared to race at your best.

In summary, here is a great warm up strategy:

1. Get to the race early - at least 90mins to allow for proper warm up time
2. Warm up structure (30-40mins) 1. Bike - 5-10 min easy then 3 x 60-90sec at race effort (get a little burn in the legs) with full recovery after each effort. This should be 15 to 20 mins tops. Run 5 min easy then 3 x 30-60 secs at race effort with full recovery between each effort -10-15 mins tops. Get ready for swim. Swim 3-5 mins easy swimming then 3 x 20 strokes hard 20 strokes easy (make sure you are blowing bubbles when head is in the water - no holding breath). Finish this warm up 5 mins before start. If you can't bike prior just extend the running warm up with some dynamic exercises (arm circles forward and back, out to the side and back in 10x each) before your swim.

If in only a running or cycling race just extend the easy riding/running portion of the warm up to ~20min before beginning race efforts.

3. While waiting for the start: Deep breathing (on each exhale) - Believe, You Can, You Will

From the start to the finish line:
Be your best in THIS moment. Then your end result will really matter.

Your Coach,


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