This is a challenging email to write. But what inspires me to share my story is I believe in my heart it will help someone. 

A few weeks ago I has some testing done as I just have not been feeling myself. I had been experiencing a number of physical and psychological symptoms which have been affecting many aspects of my life for some time.  

Now I realize by putting this information out there is a risk for me. I fully understand that my life's work and passion is helping other achieve their health and performance goals. In short, support and guide others to find their ideal self. Admitting where I have made some mistakes could change others perception of me.

This is me, so I would rather people learn from my reality rather than a perception.

This quest to learn, develop, and improve so that I can help others makes me excited to get out of bed each morning. Like many of the people I work with, I enjoy challenging myself, pushing myself to improve my own performance and the capacity to help others through Endurance Journey Coaching. 

Over the past year, these tests have revealed that in this daily quest to help others, I have neglected one vital component... 

My own health. 

So I did a quick video to explain my situation, and more importantly, what I plan to do about it and how I hope it will help others. 

This is the article by Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Paul Laursen which helped initiate the understanding of my symptoms.

What are you hiding from?

Yours in health,