So I went for walk with Isabella last night and she reminded me of something really important...

A little sunset climb on the playground bars

A little sunset climb on the playground bars

as we ran to the play structures in the park I asked Isabella "What do you like most about the playground?".

She stops and looks at me with this confused look. 

"What kind of questions is that daddy?" she says. "I like the playground because its fun and we can play here."

Now in the moment I thought that was a simple enough explanation, however, when I was doing some strength and mobility work today I thought about it in my own context. I was finding myself going through the motions, thinking about something entirely different than focusing on the exercises I was doing. 

I stopped myself and thought about Isabella's comment. I asked myself "why am I doing this?"

I quickly reminded myself that the strength an mobility work helps me move and feel better which ultimately helps me perform better in my next training session and in life. 

Right away I focused on feeling the movements and thinking about where I was feeling tight or stiff and needed more work.

My session quickly developed impact. I was able to increase my range on the movements, get a few more good reps in, and most importantly remember that I GET to do this. 

That simple mindset switch will have a immediate positive impact. Whether its a tough training session, a challenging work situation, changing your mindset from "I have to do this" to "I GET to do this" provides the opportunity to be immersed in the challenge rather than resenting it. 

So next time you are faced with a significant challenge remember this.

The most important moment is the moment you are in and getting the most out of your effort.


Your coach, 


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