In the next week we will present short posts summarizing our key coaching philosophies at Endurance Journey which we feel are the essential components of performance. Our intent here is to give you some key strategies to employ which will have a profound impact on not only the quality of your training but also your results. These are the concepts we have learned and applied in over 20 years of combined racing and coaching experience. 

Let's face it, the performance space is filled with a ton of informational "noise". We aim to distill it down for you into some simple to apply concepts to maximize your training time investment and ultimately help you achieve your desired results. 

Concept #1 - Quality Consistency

The first key to your program is a concept we call quality consistency. 

Many people think if they just show up and complete the training session prescribed that this will be enough to create meaningful improvement and results. 

Yes, you have to show up and do the work day after day. However, in order to produce the maximum benefit for your time invested, you must apply intent. 

This means completing the session with the best form and focus on every repetition/action within the time you have committed to the session. Now even if you have to shorten the session due to time constraints, it's important you complete every movement to the best of your ability, rather then just going through the motions and "putting the time in".

Simply put, nothing else matters in that moment. Be completely immersed in the moment you are in to execute the skill/behaviour to the best of your ability. 

This could be a swim, bike, or run drill, strength and mobility movement, a nutrition behaviour, positive thought exercise. It applies to all areas you wish you improve. 

Action with Intent.

The athletes that consistently perform their best when it matters most have this ability to focus on the most important skill in the moment they are in. They remove thoughts of how hard the effort is, how long the effort will last, or when the effort will be complete. The most important moment is the moment they are in. 

The best part about this concept of quality consistency - it is completely trainable. The more often you take the opportunity to be completely engaged in the moment you are in and executing skill with intent, the greater your rate of improvement. 

Show up, train with intent, and do it consistently over time. This is how you make results happen. 


Your Coaches, 

Patrick and Jen

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