Time - our most valuable resource and when it come to training this is no exception. 

As we mentioned in our previous post on rest days and recovery life events WILL HAPPEN and will impact your training as some point. 

So this begs the question - When life happens what should you do?

Now the ultimate aim of your training program is quality consistency over time. Simply put this will have the greatest impact on your health, performance, and results.  This is the most basic and important principle of training.

Do the work, day in, day out, with intent. 

Now if life does happen, here are some strategies to help modify your session in order to maintain quality consistency. 

Shorten the session - It’s always better to complete a shorter session verses just skipping the session entirely. Remember your consistency will be directly related to your progress and results achieved. If you need to shorten a session due to life circumstances here is the order we suggest you change the session to accommodate for restricted time demands:

Shorten the cool down – for example 2-3 minutes instead of 10. You naturally cool down while moving around cleaning up from the session.

Shorten the main set – 5-10 well done 200m run intervals or high tension power intervals on the bike are better than 15-20 forced with no warm up. Avoid shortening the warm up - The warm up is vital to prepare your body (muscles, breathing) to give the output required for the session. A shorted warm up can leave you feeling flat and increases your risk of injury.

Shorten the warm up only for swim sessions. Bike and run sessions are more stressful on the body therefore a longer warm up is essential to ensure a quality response to the session. 

Avoid missing daily mobility sessions – These are key to improving your ability to move efficiently in every aspect of your life and allow you to scan your body to see if there are any unusually sore or tight spots that could lead to an injury. If you have to shorten a swim, bike, run, or strength session to fit your mobility work in - Make time - DO IT!

Now if your only option is to miss the session entirely:

Avoid trying to make up missed sessions later in the week. Cramming session together is ineffective because it leads to too much stress on one day then affecting your ability to complete the next days sessions. Simply move on and focus on the next day of training and completing it with the best form and focus possible.  

In our next post we will discuss how to monitor your effort in a way that will best support your training, health, and performance for the long term. 


Your Coaches,  

Patrick and Jen  

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