It's a white fluffy snow day here and there will surely be some outdoor activity today. Bring it on!

Since it's New Year's eve I'm sure you have been getting plenty of New Year's Resolution messages.

This is what you WILL NOT receive from me. 

Instead, as I mentioned yesterday, I am going to ask you to STEP UP this year. 

I am stepping up, so it time to expect the same for yourself. Time to take action because you are good enough and worth it. 

Resolutions and goal setting do not work. Yes I said it. 

If your goal or resolution was so important why have you not made it happen already?

One word - FEAR. 

Fear paralyzes action. 

To overcome your fear I suggest an exercise called fear setting. I adopted this from Tim Ferriss and this will help you overcome your fears and accomplish the things you want in life. If there are things you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to start doing it, figure out what the worst possible situation would be if you decide to do it. Usually it won’t be nearly as scary as the unknown potential results of your actions. In order to conquer fear of the unknown, we must turn it into something known.

The process starts be taking a piece of 8.5x11 paper, turn in horizontally, and divide it into 4 columns (See image below for layout). 

On the top header write down the following question.

What have I been postponing? This is your goal, your thing, that you have always wanted to accomplish. 

Now in the 4 columns ask the following questions in each?

1. What could go wrong?

In other words, what is the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you were thinking of doing? Be very specific here. If you started doing the actions necessary for accomplishing your dream goal, what is the most awful failure that could possibly happen? Would there be any permanent impact? Put as much horrible, horrible detail in as you can. How likely is this worst case scenario to happen (1 =not likely at all - 10 = certainly will happen)?

2. How can I minimize the likelihood of those things from happening? In other words, what steps could you take to minimize the damage? Although you may need to be creative, it’s very likely that there are somewhat easy or simple ways to minimize the damage. For each thing you listed, list the minimizing steps you would take. 

3. What would I need to do to get back to where I am now if the things I fear happen? Even if they are only temporary solutions, how would you manage to get your situation back under control for each thing you listed? 

4. What is it costing you to postpone action? A VERY important question to ask yourself! We rarely consider the financial, physical, and emotional costs of NOT doing things. But this is just as important as measuring the cost of action! If you don’t do these things you want to do, where will you be in one, five, or ten years? What will your life be like? What are the temporary and permanent benefits you might gain, both internal (like confidence, happiness, and self belief) and external (like money, opportunity, etc.)

Once you do this exercise, you will realize that what you most fear is either not existent, insignificant, or completely reversible. You will have a much better feel for what it is that has been holding you back. You should also see that what you have been fearing is nothing you cannot overcome.

Having big dreams and goals are important. However, it is often the lack of awareness around your fears that keep you from taking the action required to make the things you want happen.  

So whatever it is. Whatever your thing is, acknowledge your fear. Then get after it knowing nothing will stop you. 

2017 is here, my friend. And this is your year...make it happen.

Make it your best. 


Your Coach, 


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