Challenging yourself is uncomfortable. More people do the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result. Remember, hope is NOT a strategy. 

Well it's 2017 and how are you going to get out of your comfort zone and make what you want happen now?

As I explained in my last post about fear setting, we do not take action because we fear the consequences. I strongly suggest you go back and read this as it contains a great strategy to overcome your fear and achieve what you deserve. 

Let me tell you a story about one of my own failures and explain how this experience was essential to who I have become today. 

Back in 2001, I had just finished my Kinesiology degree. I was 23 and spent the previous 4 months at the National Triathlon Training Centre completing my triathlon coaching certification and coaching apprenticiship with the National Team Coaches.

I moved back to Regina and naively thought starting my own training business would be a great way to share my new found "knowledge".

At the time I thought "hey I have gained all this knowledge and experience, people will want to hear what I have to say". 

After doing the best I could at the time training and nurturing a small following, I quickly realized that building the relationships to create a loyal and engaged client base to make a business thrive takes time and resources. 

Over the next year, I made the hard decision I needed more experience and financial security before I was ready to be a business owner. However, I would not discard my dream to own my coaching business, as ultimately I knew this profession was my passion, and it filled my soul to help others.

So I shut down the business and took a step that was pivotal to where I am today. There was a job at the University to become the Manager of the Fitness Centre. Now at the time I had next to no management experience, very little job experience working in the industry other than the work I had done as a student, and the short time operating my coaching business. I spent some time before I applied talking to people who were previously responsible for the area, finding out about what the position responsibilities would be, and what the University was looking for in a candidate. 

I knew going into the interview that I was the least qualified candidate by a long-shot. So I had to be as prepared as possible. I put together a 12 month action plan of what I was prepared to do to lead and develop the Fitness Centre based on the intel I collected from the previous leadership. I knew I was getting out of my comfort zone but nothing eases fear more than solid preparation.

I presented my plan and one week later I was offered the position. In the words of the chair of the hiring committee "You came out of nowhere. You were the last person on our list but after your interview, seeing how prepared you are, the choice became obvious". 

I still have the plan I presented to remind me of the positive consequences of my action:


So the lesson here is you can choose to let a failure paralyze you from taking future action, or you can choose to view these experiences as lessons. Lessons to reflect on, identify opportunities to improve, and show you its ok to put your neck out there and see what happens. 

Without taking this step I'm pretty sure Endurance Journey would not exist.

You'll never know unless you take action. Regret sucks. 


Your Coach, 


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