The First Annual Rise and Tri Triathlon will be on August 21st, 2016. Below are the detailed information and maps for the course.

Here are the directions of the course:

Swim Course

Here is the 50y Pool were the swim will be held: 

There will be 8 lanes of swimmers. With 5-7 swimmers per lane

Try a Tri participants will complete 6 lengths (300y)

Sprint will complete 15 lengths (750y) 

Bike Course

Try a Tri participants will complete 2 laps (11km)

Sprint will complete 4 laps (22km)

Turn by turn directions:

1. Exit transition at Wascana pool

2. Head south on Wascana Dr.

3. Turn left on Quinn Drive

4. Turn Right on Broad Street

5. Turn Right on Lakeshore Drive

6. Follow Lakeshore Drive to Legislative Building

7. Turn Left on Legislative Drive

8. Turn Right on Albert Street (north to college avenue)

9. Turn Right on College

10. follow to Broad street

11. Turn Right on Broad Street (continue to Lakeshore Dr until last lap then complete #12-14)

12. Turn Right on To Quinn Drive.

13. Turn Right on Wascana Drive

14. Follow Through to Finish

Run Course

Try a Tri participants will complete 3 laps (3km)

Sprint will complete 5 laps (5km)

1. Leaving T1 Heading west past the entrance of Wascana pool

2. Once past the pool turn left heading south toward Wascana Lake

3. Link up with the bike/walking path once at the lake taking a right heading west towards Albert Street.

4. Take a right following the path heading northwest towards Albert Street

5. Loop back on the park path heading east toward the Wascana pool.

6. Take right on Wascana drive

7. Continue for next loop or to finish located on Wascana Drive